Terms & Conditions

We strongly encourage all of our customers to carefully review the Online Live Chat Terms and Conditions before using our service. Your use of our Online Live Chat service implies your acceptance and compliance with these Terms and Conditions. If you do not or cannot agree with all aspects of our conditions, you may not access our services.

Description of Services

  1. Service or product is defined as all software provided by Online Live Chat at http://www.onlinelivechat.com/.
  2. Any new services or products that become available on the Online Live Chat website following the acceptance of these terms and conditions are subject to the same conditions.
  3. Online Live Chat is entitled to determine what services are offered and how they are used, as well as ceasing to provide these services.
  4. Online Live Chat is solely entitled to decide the composition of the software, including but not limited to adding, changing, or removing specific elements.

Access to Services

  1. Online Live Chat products and services are available through our website, http://www.onlinelivechat.com/ only.
  2. Online Live Chat has exclusive rights to alter the terms and conditions appropriately as needed. These alterations may not be communicated to users, therefore it is important for all users and subscribers to frequently review the terms and conditions.
  3. By using our products and services following an alteration to the terms and conditions, it is implied that the new terms and conditions are accepted.
  4. Online Live Chat will not be held responsible for any misuse of our products or service that is in breach of our terms and conditions.
  5. You must be at least 13 years of age to access our services and products.

Copyright, Trademark, and Legal Information

  1. Online Live Chat possesses national and international protection of its trademark and copyright. Any individual or business trading in our name is subject to legal action and will be pursued in a court of law.
  2. Online Live Chat is protected from unfair competition and theft of its intellectual properties by national and international security bodies.
  3. In the event of misinformation on the part of Online Live Chat or any of its subsidiaries, Online Live Chat will be held responsible for any damages or losses that were incurred by the customer due to the misinformation.


  1. All payments for products or services will be made through check, credit or debit cards, or via another form of safe payment.
  2. Receipts will be provided for ALL transactions electronically. Receipts are PDF files are will be received by the customer with the products or services ordered after payment has been received.
  3. Online Live Chat displays price lists for all of our products or services. These price lists are accessible via our website at http://www.onlinelivechat.com/. Any changes within these price lists will be communicated to our users and customers 14 days before they go into effect.
  4. Any breach of an established contract or a payment default by the customer will automatically result in cancellation of the contract.


  1. Online Live Chat will not reimburse or refund any payment amounts for unused services as a result of the contract termination. In the event of a law suit arising from such a situation, it is enforceable by law and will be judged to be null and void.
  2. To obtain more information regarding Online Live Chat’s refund policy, please visit the following link: http://onlinelivechat.com/refund-policy/.

Privacy Policy

  1. A customer’s username and/or password are to be treated as confidential information by both the company and the user. All customers are strongly urged to refrain from sharing this information with any third parties for security reasons. Online Live Chat cannot be held responsible for any consequences of sharing this information.
  2. To obtain more information regarding Online Live Chat’s privacy policy, please visit the following link: http://onlinelivechat.com/privacy/.

Thank you for reviewing Online Live Chat’s Terms and Conditions. By click signing up for the services, you are acknowledging that you have thoroughly read and reviewed all the information listed here and agree to accept and abide by all of the aforementioned terms and conditions. You acknowledge that you are responsible for any liability that may occur as a result of a breach in any of these conditions.