Online Live Chat – Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to maintaining your information securely and confidentially. Outlined here are the privacy policies that Online Live Chat abides by.

Information Collection

When navigating our website, anonymous information may be collected. This information may include the web address that you visited before navigating to our site, your Internet Protocol, or IP, address, your browser, data and time of web access, and which pages on our site were accessed. This data is collected passively, meaning you are not actively entering any information and may be used for marketing purposes.

Actively collected information, such as name, credit card information, or e-mail address, is secured and will only be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We will never release your information to a third party without your consent unless required by law.

We use your information to better serve you as a customer. We will share special offers, updates, product announcements, and other information that we think may be useful or beneficial to you. You are free to opt out of these communications at any time and can do so by unsubscribing to them.

Cookies & Tracking

A cookie is the term used for a data file that many websites write onto your hard drive when you visit them. These files cannot contain viruses or run programs and they only store personal information that is directly supplied by you, such as a username or password. Online Live Chat uses cookies to track patterns in the traffic to our website in order to research how our site’s functionality and effectiveness to users. We additionally utilize web beacons, or small amounts of data embedded within an image, in a similar manner.

Online Security

Online Live Chat protects your personal information in numerous ways. Our online server is secure and our staff abides by federal privacy regulations. We will never release your information without your consent and we strongly urge you to keep your information, including username and/or passwords, private and not to share with any third parties.

Contact Us

If you are in need of assistance or have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, we encourage you to contact us by visiting the following link: