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Transferring The Conversation

It’s been a while since we released anything new… so here it is! We’ll slowly be rolling out multi-agent capabilities in the near future, but for now its easy to transfer a conversation from one agent to another. First, you’ll need to set up “Transfer IDs” on the Agents page in the dashboard. These are easy-to-remember,… Read More →

WordPress Live Chat For Your Website

The installation process has been something we’ve been looking to improve over the last few weeks. How do we make it easier for you to install OnlineLiveChat, without any technical skills? In an article late last year, Forbes said 17% of websites are built on WordPress – and it is, by far, the world’s leading content management… Read More →

4 Secrets To Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate By More Than 10%

Most webmasters boast a cool 10% website conversion increase simply by adding a live support tool to their site. Here are four hints (and one beautiful, new feature) that will help you achieve these out-of-this-world conversions. Be Proactive Customers are predictable. If you see a customer on your pricing page for more than 30 seconds,… Read More →

Does Live Chat Really Work?

Yes. Live chat support on your website will convert your visitors into customers. Most live chat software boasts 10 – 20% conversion of visitors. We haven’t published our numbers yet, but we’ll let you know when we do. For now, here’s what the rest of the web is saying: Wells Fargo Wells Fargo had a… Read More →

A Most Coveted Feature… And Our API

OnlineLiveChat can be a particularly useful tool for handling support requests in a web application. One of our most popular feature requests was for web apps to be able to log users in automatically. You spoke, we listened. In fact, along with building out this fantastic new feature, we’ll be including it in our own… Read More →

4 Reasons To Show Up This Year

Becoming world class is a matter of time. Commit thousands of hours to a cause and you’re all but guaranteed to become an expert. Sometimes, you don’t need to be world-class. Sometimes, you just need to lookworld-class. Sometimes, just showing up makes you world-class. What is “showing up”? Simply, it’s taking action. You can show up to an event, a… Read More →

How To Use Your Mobile Website To Boost Your Lead Generation

In times past, you could get by with a “Mobile Strategy” – but not in 2013. You need a website that looks great on all phones, tablets and desktop computers. As of November 2012, almost 15% of all web consumption is on a mobile device. Generally, an effective mobile site will double conversions and lead… Read More →

Welcome To OnlineLiveChat

We have just rolled out the latest version of LiveHours! Sign up or log in to your account to take advantage of these new features.