4 Secrets To Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate By More Than 10%

Most webmasters boast a cool 10% website conversion increase simply by adding a live support tool to their site. Here are four hints (and one beautiful, new feature) that will help you achieve these out-of-this-world conversions.

Be Proactive

Customers are predictable. If you see a customer on your pricing page for more than 30 seconds, they’re probably an ideal prospect. If you see them on your contact page, they probably want to contact you.

These predictable events are the basis our latest feature, Triggers.

Triggers allow you to begin a conversation with visitors if they match certain conditions. Best of all, everything happens automatically – there is nothing for you to remember or do. Here’s how easy it is to set up a trigger for you website:

Triggers match the entire url, including the http. Use an asterisk (*) as a WildCard, to use as a placeholder. As seen in the example above, the trigger will be shown on any page that ends with /pricing (http://www.mywebsite.com/pricing, http://blog.mywebsite.com/our/pricing, etc).

To use a trigger across your entire website, simply place * in the blank.

If you’re a developer, visit our api page to see how you can really benefit from programmatically triggering conversations!

Don’t worry, OnlineLiveChat triggers won’t annoy your website’s guests. They’re simply shown once, at the point of need. If they leave their page and come back, they won’t be bugged again.

Triggers are the ultimate conversion machine. Don’t take our word for it though, sign up now to test triggers out for yourself!

Be Personable

When you’re conversing with your customers, use proper punctuation, spell words properly, and be polite. Most of all, don’t respond like a robot. Be humourous and witty. Make your customer laugh. Make them feel like your truly the expert you say you are.

Also, be honest. Let them know if you don’t know. Tell them you need a minute or two. They’ll likely oblige.

Know your customer’s shopping hours

If you’re offering live chat on your website between 9am to 5pm and most of your customers show up at 7pm, you should consider changing your live chat hours.

Always Respond

When the green light on your live chat is on, you’d better be there. Don’t keep your customers waiting, most will only give you a few seconds to reply, then they’re off to another site. OnlineLiveChat solves this problem by sending your customers’ messages to your phone as a text message (if your average, your mobile phone is never more than 3 feet from you at any given time).