4 Reasons To Show Up This Year

Becoming world class is a matter of time. Commit thousands of hours to a cause and you’re all but guaranteed to become an expert.

Sometimes, you don’t need to be world-class. Sometimes, you just need to lookworld-class.

Sometimes, just showing up makes you world-class.

What is “showing up”? Simply, it’s taking action. You can show up to an event, a task, or a cause.

Here are four things that happen when you show up:


According to Newton’s First Law, an object in motion will stay in motion. Your momentum will help drive your forward on those days when pure motivation evades you. Let’s say you’ve decided to diet this New Year. If you show up and successfully deny the sweets for 30 days in a row, you’ll be more inclined to forgo the sweets on Day 31.


When you show up, people get to know who you are. They’ll begin to notice. They’ll begin to inquire. Show up to something bigger than yourself, and you’ll expand your network.


Doors will open, windows will open, roofs will fly off. When you take action, your mind begins to cross-pollinate. Eventually, your banjo lessons, archery, gaming, writing, knitting, hatching, and sliding will spark creativity. You’ll create a multiplied world of ideas.


Riding a bike, at first, seems impossible. You need to balance your entire body while moving your legs and steering? And jumping onto the bike while doing all three? Wouldn’t it be easier to just walk? You try anyway. You fail. And try, but fall again. A third time you are able to move a couple feet. And the fourth, a few more feet. Nothing can un-motivate you now. You’ve had a taste of freedom.

When you do nothing, your mind stales. It atrophies. Don’t let your mind or body sleep. Do things, take action.

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