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Get connected to our Live Chat Software in three easy steps.

  1. Sign up for an account with our Online Live Chat Support.

    Signing up for our live chat software is easy. Just visit our sign up page and create your login information. We are so sure you’ll love our help desk software, we’ll even give you the first 30 days for free!

  2. Place the script for our Live Chat Software on your website.

    We give you a small javascript snippet that you place on your website, displaying the live chat widget. Make sure to put the javascript on every page that you want mobile chat to be available!

  3. Customize your Mobile Chat Widget.

    You can customize your details of our live chat software to the specifics of your business. Change your office hours, add other users, and more.

Free 30-day Trial

How can Online Live Chat Support help my business provide live support to my customers?

As a customer, there’s nothing worse than finding yourself in need of assistance and waiting days for a reply. With our unique help desk software, they’ll have instant access to the live support they need at the moment they need it with live chat.

Your clients will be delighted to find that their questions will be addressed quickly through live chats. All inquiries will be sent to your mobile device or your desktop, allowing you to provide answers, no matter where you are.

Happy customers are the keystones of a prosperous business, and you can be certain that your customers will be satisfied with the quick, quality customer service they receive through our live help. You’ll never have to worry about missing a live support inquiry again with our mobile live chat software. The days of being tied to your computer are over with the option of forwarding all of your business’ live support questions to your mobile device.

Free 30-day Trial

Is Online Live Chat Software available in my country?

Our Online live chat dashboard is available anywhere across the globe. Whether you’re working from your home, your office, or from a trip overseas, it’s easy to connect with your customers via your computer or mobile phone.

When you receive an online chat message through your website, our help desk software can send you a text message. To respond to your customer through online live chat, all you have to do is respond to that message in order to connect directly to the customer with live support. We do not charge for your messages. The messages are subject to your own mobile carrier’s charges.

We are currently working with international carriers to expand the range of our live chat support so we can give you the opportunity to provide your customers with instant live support, no matter your location.

Free 30-day Trial

Why should I choose Online Live Chat?

Our live chat software provides numerous features & benefits, not only for you as a business owner, but also for your customers.

  1. Live support for your customers, anytime and anywhere
  2. Access to mobile chat leads to happy, returning customers
  3. Customers satisfied with our live help are more inclined to give positive referrals
  4. Support for multiple online live chat representatives, allowing inquiries to be easily divided or transferred amongst yourself
  5. Services offered in multiple languages, making live chat support accessible by a diverse clientele
  6. Integrated desktop and mobile live chat applications make providing live chat support convenient, no matter what device you’re on
  7. Offline live chat software e-mail ticket management systems allows you to ensure you don’t miss a single live support inquiry from your customers.

Free 30-day Trial